Burundi: Impact of the political and economic crisis on education


The political and economic crisis related to the third term of President Pierre Nkurunziza seriously affected the level of public spending on education and the enrollment rates of children in the Fundamental Schools which the Government of Burundi had declared free. Unable to continue investing in the education of children, the CNDD-FDD party’s government blames parents who are now forced to pay excessive contributions for their children’s education. In some parts of the country, it is the parents who pay the public services in order to make public schools continue running. This situation reinforces social inequalities as far as access to education is concerned, since the children of the poor families are no longer able to access school. This is reflected in school drop-out statistics that are becoming more and more worrying in the country. To the financial constraints imposed by the schools, are added security constraints caused by the Imbonerakure militia which scatters the terror against families presumed to be against the third term of President Pierre Nkurunziza.

The current government is not able to recruit teachers and provide sufficient school textbooks.

The politicization of schools is another aspect that makes the Burundian school an unenviable place for the time being and thus an obstacle to the education of all children. Children were arrested in the classroom accused of being opponents to the third term and scribbling a picture of the President in the textbook.

In public universities, the situation is worse due to several measures and a new law governing higher education. Experts denounce this law which will deepen, according to them, the gap in social inequality between the poor and the rich as far as access to education is concerned. The dictatorship prevailing today in these institutions, which in the past were recognized as the “light” of Burundian youth is daily life today.

In Burundi, the government does not care about the promotion of vulnerable groups. The political and economic crisis in the country has aggravated the social situation of the Batwa social group, whose children already had little or no access to basic education.

Thus, the challenge of school today is the political power itself and the place it places on individual and collective rights and freedoms. 

The lack of freedom, security and desire to learn is the cause of many school drop-outs for many children.

The bad governance that has prevailed since the accession of the CNDD-FDD to power in Burundi is the root cause of the crisis currently preavailing in schools and the problems that haunt it.


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