Burundi: Final  preparations for genocide, children are aware


Burundi is going through a political and economic crisis since President Pierre Nkurunziza announced his candidacy for a third term on 25 April 2015. More than 400,000 Burundians have gone into exile, more than 2,000 people have been killed , More than 4,000 in prison, more than 400 had desappeared, according to various reports from national and international organizations that conducted the monitoring of human rights in the country. The public demonstrations against the third mandate were followed by a terrible repression. The youth league of the CNDD-FDD party has accentuated terrorism against anyone opposing to the third term of Pierre Nkurunziza.

Nowadays, the Imbonerakure militia, in complicity with the ruling party, comes to the awareness of the children to internalize the genocidal ideology. Songs conveying this ideology are published and sung all day long in the countryside and in the cities to terrorize the alleged opponents of ruling  party. A very new one, under a very good melody of the gospel has just been published by the laboratory of the genocide which is no longer a secret. We will deliver here the message that is transmitted in this song:

“Activists of the CNDD-FDD, be vigilant and strong, we have fighters on the front very virulent and ruthless. To the east, to the west, to the north and to the south, the eagle hovers everywhere. We (the opponents) will consume, they will lie to you, we will consume them. No one will stand before us to stop us, we will crush them and turn them into powder. Someone said it, tomorrow it’s day, they will see, we will finish with those who remain, we will crush them. The foreigners are wrong, here in Burundi, the eagle hovers everywhere, we consume them. We will crush them too. You  Imbonerakure, you understood the shared message, the agreed secret code. Do not betray your dear fatherland. “Muri Intambwe iyo mutontomye baranyegera” to say “You are lions when you roar, they run away”
No one will stand before us when the time comes to act. ”

Videos and audios circulate everywhere to propagate the teaching of genocide. What is very disturbing is that the Imbonerakure militia is forcibly enrolling pupils and schoolchildren. In schools, school leaders oversee the training of school committees rather than providing supervision to studies. Every Friday in the afternoon, some of the pupils frequent CNDD-FDD party offices to receive the party’s ideology in preparation for the genocide against opponents and presumed opponents.

In villages, hills and neighborhoods, pupils are no longer encouraged to continue their studies. The Imbonerakure, most of whom are no schooling, tell them that they do not need to be better on the school desk but that it is enough to have joined the CNDD-FDD party, to have been the first to kill with without mercy or steal a lot to deserve leadership. How many no schooling people among the zone chiefs!Administrators deputies and senators who have not studied indeed! How many directors who were the last at school results but who are promised the most influential in the schools!

With this situation how can we hope for a youth who has the courage to work to have good results at the moments when their memories are full of theories of genocidal entanglement? In addition, there is a lack of teachers, lack of equipment, small space and a plethora of students, and an inadequate program.

It should be noted that the political situation in Burundi is similar to that observed in Rwanda before the execution of the genocide in 1994 after the death of President Havyarimana. In this country bordering Burundi, one million of citizens from the Tutsi ethnic were massacred while alerts had been constantly launched. The International Criminal Court that has been seized and has not yet opened a criminal case on Burundi while the UN and the AU seem to disengage despite the case of genocide declared in this country of East Africa.

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